G. Buttner & Co. is an International Agent and Broker in Dried Fruit, Edible Nuts, Dehydrated Tropical Fruit, Spices, Herbs and Aromatic Seeds. The company was founded in 1954 in Rotterdam by Mr. George Buttner and since that time the company is very active and knowledgeable in the commodities mentioned above. As brokers and agents we act only as intermediary, therefore we are 100% independent and discrete and we are only looking for the best possible way to serve our clients. G. Buttner & Co. stands for: 100% Discrete service 100% Independent brokerage 100% Supporting our customers in their buying and selling activities Offering sharp offers Offering suitable service Offering the highest quality products Offering the latest market information Experience as a broker in Dried Fruit, Edible Nuts and Spices since 1954 Having a wide and well structured network, consisting out of long lasting and trustworthy connections with good quality suppliers in origin and Europe


G. Buttner & Co. has a wide and rarely matched range of high quality products that we can deliver directly from origin to you. Take a look at our products to find out how we can serve your company. We can also keep you up-to-date with the latest marketprices, please sign up to Buttner’s Boost here.
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